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Alpha Tiger - iDentity
Ambush - DesecratorAmbush Possessed By Evil (by Nacho Galvete)
Architects Of Chaoz - The League Of ShadowsArchitects of Chaoz - How many times (official lyric video) (by Architects of Chaoz)
Bio-Cancer - Tormenting The InnocentBIO-CANCER - Boxed Out (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) (by BioCancerGR)
Biotoxic Warfare - LobotomizedBiotoxic Warfare - Lobotomized (by Biotoxic Warfare)
Black Trip - ShadowlineBLACK TRIP "Berlin Model 32" (Official Lyric Video) (by SPV)
Blind Guardian - Beyond The Red MirrorBlind Guardian - #10 Miracle Machine (by cristosz81)
Cain's Offering - StormcrowCain's Offering - I Will Build You a Rome (Official / Studio 2015 / Liimatainen Kotipelto Johansson) (by Frontiers Music srl)
Civil War - Gods And GeneralsCivil War -Admiral Over The Oceans (by Europe1)
Darktribe - The Modern AgeDARKTRIBE - My Last Odyssey (by Melodic power-speed metal)
Distillator - Revolutionary CellsDISTILLATOR - Guerrilla Insurgency (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (by DISTILLATOR)
Diviner - Fallen EmpiresDiviner - Come Into My Glory [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO] (by Ulterium Records)
Enfarce - Superhero Diaries - Part IIENFARCE - Song Of The Stars (official lyrics video) (by ENFΔRCE)
Enforcer - From BeyondENFORCER - Undying Evil (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (by Nuclear Blast Records)
Evil Invaders - Pulses Of Pleasure
Exarsis - The Human ProjectExarsis - Skull And Bones (by Josip Kovač)
Gloryhammer - Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos WizardsGLORYHAMMER - Rise Of The Chaos Wizards | Napalm Records (by Napalm Records)
Gus G. - Brand New RevolutionGus G. - We Are One (feat. Jacob Bunton) + 🎆 Fireworks (from 調布花火 2015, Japan) [HD] (by undefined)
Harlott - ProliferationHarlott - Means to an End (by Harlott)
Helloween - My God-Given RightHELLOWEEN - My God-Given Right (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (by Nuclear Blast Records)
Iron Maiden - The Book Of SoulsIRON MAIDEN The Red and the Black (by wackydog2)
Jettblack - DisguisesJETTBLACK - EXPLODE (by jettblack22)
Judicator - At The Expense Of HumanityJudicator - God's Failures (by JudicatorMetal)
Kamelot - HavenKAMELOT - Liar Liar ft. Alissa White-Gluz (Official Video) | Napalm Records (by Napalm Records)
Lancer - Second StormLANCER - Masters and Crowns (Official Video) (by Despotz Records)
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Prometheus Symphonia Ignis DivinusLUCA TURILLI'S RHAPSODY - Prometheus (OFFICIAL TRACK AND LYRIC VIDEO) (by Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody)
Magic Kingdom - Savage RequiemMAGIC KINGDOM - With Fire and Sword (2015) // official lyric video // AFM Records (by AFM Records)
Majesty - Generation SteelMajesty - Hawks Will Fly (official video) (by MAJESTY)
Motörhead - Bad MagicMOTÖRHEAD Electricity (by DANIEL RODRIGUES)
Night Demon - Curse Of The Damned
Praying Mantis - LegacyPraying Mantis - The One (Official Audio) (by Frontiers Music srl)
Reign Of Fury - Death Be Thy ShepherdReign of Fury - All Is Lost (by Oni kage)
Rocka Rollas - Pagan RitualRocka Rollas - Call Of The Wild (by Zombie Dogs of War)
Sacral Rage - En Cima Del MalSacral Rage - Lost Chapter E.: Sutratma (by Cruz Del Sur Music)
Satan - Atom By AtomSATAN - the Devil's Infantry (by Listenablerecs)
Saxon - Battering RamSAXON - "Battering Ram" - Official Video (by UDR - Home of legends)
Scorpions - Return To ForeverScorpions - We Built This House (by ScorpionsVEVO)
Serious Black - As Daylight BreaksSERIOUS BLACK - Older & Wiser (2015) // official live video // AFM Records (by AFM Records)
Steelwing - Reset, Reboot, RedeemSTEELWING - Reset, Reboot, Redeem (by STEELWING OFFICIAL)
Stormwitch - Season Of The WitchSTORMWITCH - Last Warrior Lyricvideo (by Massacre Records)
Stratovarius - EternalStratovarius - In My Line Of Work (by ggonza43)
The Sanity Days - Evil Beyond BeliefSatans' Blood - The Sanity Days (by Until The Sanity Days)
U.D.O. - DecadentU.D.O. - Pain (2015) // official // AFM Records (by AFM Records)
Ultra-Violence - Deflect The FlowUltra-Violence - In The Name of Your God (by Thrash Metal Worldwide)
Virgin Steele - Nocturnes Of Hellfire & DamnationVIRGIN STEELE "Lucifer´s Hammer" (Official Lyric Video) (by SPV)
Visigoth - The Revenant KingVisigoth "Dungeon Master" (OFFICIAL) (by Metal Blade Records)
W.A.S.P. - GolgothaW.A.S.P. - Scream (Official Lyric Video) | Napalm Records (by Napalm Records)
Witchbound - Tarot's LegacyWITCHBOUND - Dance Into The Fire (2015) // official Clip // El-Puerto-Records (by El Puerto Records)


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